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Experienced Guidance For The Probate And Estate Administration Process

The death of a family member brings a number of legal and financial complexities that must be handled with care. These issues generally fall under the process of probate and estate administration. The specific functions of this process include:

  • Gathering the assets of the deceased
  • Collecting debts on behalf of the estate
  • Paying creditors of the estate
  • Distributing remaining assets to heirs in accordance with a valid will or, if there is no valid will, according to Minnesota intestate succession laws

Attorney Mary Ebb has extensive experience guiding clients through all aspects of the probate and estate administration process in Minnesota. She will provide you with the knowledgeable advice and strong representation you need to navigate the hurdles of this complex legal process.

For more than 25 years she has provided trusted guidance to clients navigating the probate and estate administration process. Read why clients love Mary.

Since probate can be expensive and time-consuming and many people want to avoid it, it is important to consider developing an estate plan that will allow you to avoid probate altogether.

Legal Guidance For Personal Representatives

Whether you were appointed personal representative in a will or have decided to step up and take on those responsibilities, Mary Ebb understands your duties and can provide you with the guidance you need. As a personal representative, you will likely be under close scrutiny by heirs, creditors and other parties with interest in the estate. Mary can help you understand your duties and fulfill them so that you are protected from contentious disputes and personal liability.

In the event that you have concerns about the validity of a will, Mary also has experience assisting individuals who need help contesting a will.

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To talk with an experienced lawyer about your probate and estate administration issue, contact Mary Ebb law using our online form or by telephone at 866-486-9037. Mary Ebb Law serves clients throughout Ramsey, Washington and Anoka counties.

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